The Canadian
Pop Music Encyclopedia

A Biographical Index from Eh to Zed
The Vinyl Years

by Jaimie Vernon

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The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia is a listing of biographies and discographies of nearly 1200 artists starting in approximately 1949 - the year that RCA Records introduced the commercially available 7” single - to 2011. The Encyclopedia covers popular music from this era as it relates to commercial radio and television in Canadian pop culture as it is generally recognized. The length of each artist entry is governed by available material and matters of general interest. Some lesser known acts may have longer biographies than more established acts because those artists’ stories remain, largely, untold in the world at large. More established acts have been covered and analyzed ad infinitum in other reference sources and are widely searchable on the internet. You will find minimal entries covering artists in the genre of Country & Western, Jazz, New Age and Classical music in these pages as the author feels these genres fall outside of the scope of this reference guide.

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